Agency Regulations

HSI is the leading recharge permitting firm in Arizona and has extensive experience in handling challenging permitting issues with regulatory agencies. HSI has successfully permitted, and modified, 18+ Underground Storage Facilities (USF), 40+ Aquifer Protection Permits (APP), 400+ drilling permits, and a growing number of permits for the Assured and Adequate Water Supply (AAWS) Program. HSI’s experience is recognized and respected by Arizona Department of Water Resources.


•  Drinking Water Permit

•  Environmental Assessments

•  Environmental Permitting

•  Groundwater Rights

•  Groundwater Savings Facility

•  Groundwater Withdrawal Permits


•  Right-of-Way Grant/Temporary Use

•  Temporary Well Testing Discharge

•  Underground Storage Permit

•  Water Rights Analysis

•  Water Storage

•  Well Permitting/Notice of Intent (NOI)


•  Annual Water Use Reporting Services

•  Aquifer Protection Program

•  Arizona Pollutant Discharge


•  Elimination System (AZPDES)/DeMinimus

•  Assured and Adequate Water Supply

•  Recharge Program Application