Project Experience

Groundwater Recharge

In the Southwest where water is scarce and a critical commodity, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) is an essential part of water resource management. HSI's 37 years of artificial groundwater recharge experience has proven that site selection and recharge methods are dependent on hydrogeologic site conditions. Our team of hydrologists, geologists, and hydrogeologists are experts in evaluating, planning, designing, overseeing construction, and operating all known recharge methods. HSI's numerous projects in Arizona and California utilize spreading basins, vadose zone recharge wells, direct injection recharge wells, and ASR wells.

Water Supply

HSI supports developers, municipalities, water companies, engineers, government agencies, and Indian communities in developing new water supplies and expanding existing water supplies to meet the demand of growing communities throughout Arizona and Nevada. HSI is a leader in the use of the Decision Support System (DSS) model as a practical evaluation tool. The DSS independently evaluates the impacts associated with water management decisions for developing, maintaining and forecasting water resource supply for escalating population.


HSI guides clients through the complex regulatory permitting process to obtain a wide variety of water resource related permits including: Underground Storage Facility (USF), Water Storage (WS), Recovery Well (RW), Groundwater Withdrawal, Aquifer Protection (APP), Well Drilling/Notices of Intent (NOI), and Well Abandonment. Other regulatory assistance includes preparation of applications for Assured and Adequate Water Supplies (AAWS), Applications for Membership in the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD), Hydrologic Reports for Physical Availability Demonstrations (PAD), and preparation of Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) Annual Reports.

Groundwater Modeling

HSI uses groundwater flow models to demonstrate the availability of current and future water supplies as well as the impacts to aquifers from groundwater withdrawal and/or groundwater recharge. HSI's technical capability goes beyond building groundwater flow models to updating and validating existing groundwater models, often at the request of State Agencies.

Well Rehabilitation and Abandonment

Well Rehabilitation is often a cost effective approach for extending well life. Rehabilitation includes various methods such as chemical treatment, mechanical cleaning and the innovative method called Aqua Freed. When the well's specific capacity is reduced by 30%, rehabilitation is recommended. When well rehabilitation is no longer effective, a well is contaminated or is no longer of value then abandonment is recommended. HSI's considerable experience in both rehabilitation and abandonment of wells meet all of ADWR's guidelines.

Water Quality Evaluation

The quality of water is equal in importance to availability. In addition to health concerns, water quality impacts a wells' functionality, and ultimately the success of the project. HSI's experienced staff collects water quality samples during well construction, development and monitoring for state agency requirements. The sample analysis and recommendations are then documented through laboratory reports and geochemical models.

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