Water Resource Management

HSI provides guidance on water resource management alternatives using practical evaluation tools such as groundwater modeling. HSI has developed numerous groundwater models including some of which have been instrumental in evaluating water resources in hard rock aquifers.

HSI utilizes innovative yet practical solutions to solve complex hydrogeologic modeling applications bringing together results from the “modeled world” to the real world. In addition, members of HSI’s staff have previously worked at Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) in the Recharge and the Modeling Sections. This provides HSI with valuable insight and knowledge for finding reasonable solutions that ADWR can approve and defend. This teamwork provides a win-win resolution for both our Clients and ADWR. Another strength of HSI is that the majority of the HSI Team has worked together for nearly a decade, meeting the regulatory requirements effectively and efficiently in the best interest of our Clients.

The challenges surrounding the scarce resource, water, can be complex. Therefore, HSI in support of a Client’s forward thinking uses its broad expertise for water resource development and management solutions.

Our water resource management services include:


•  Feasibility Study

•  Geophysical Studies

•  GIS Mapping

•  Hydrologic Analysis


•  Surface Water Hydrologic Studies

•  Wastewater Disposal Options

•  Water Quality Studies


•  Aquifer Recharge Investigations &

   Mounding Analysis

•  Geochemical Modeling


•  GIS Spatial Analysis & Modeling

•  Groundwater Flow Modeling

•  Hydrogeologic Modeling